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Taxi Firm Steps In To Provide Free Taxi Service For Elderly

Taxi Firm Steps In To Provide Free Taxi Service For Elderly

Let's all take a moment to recognise some fellow taxi drivers, for helping to tackle loneliness by providing a free service for elderly people attending a local social club.

As reported in the Leader Live, Yellow Cars is supplying cars around Llay at certain times for people attending the Llay Luncheon Club.

Clive Coleclough, of the Llay Luncheon Club, explained: "When my wife and I were down in Cardiff in October attending the 'Older People's Commissioner for Wales - State of the Nation's Report', one of the factors which came out with great force was that loneliness was a big player in the lives of many old people.

"In the Luncheon Club discussions over the following two weeks with staff and members around the topic of loneliness and how do we address it for the older people of the village of Llay.

"Many raised the reason that there was a lack of transport.

"Discussions then took place with Yellow Cars and they are willing to take a route around Llay which would pick up at certain spots and at certain times and drop of at the Luncheon Club and do the reverse trip after lunch.

"In all, this would take about one hour before and one hour after lunch."

Fred Roberts, manager of Yellow Cars, said: "We've done things in the past like giving veterans a free ride to Bodhyfryd for the Remembrance Day service, so for us, it's a no-brainer to help elderly people get to social events.

"We know loneliness is a massive issue amongst elderly people and we're in a position where we can do something about it - so we jumped at the chance to offer a helping hand."

Yellow Cars... we salute you!