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Interested in exploring the world of electric motoring? We’re proud to be able to bring you our range of purpose built taxis at The Taxi Centre. It’s the London black cab you know and love powered by next-generation technology for a more sustainable, economical drive.  

Always electrically driven, the LEVC TX comprises an electric motor and a range extender (a small, 1.5-litre petrol engine). This enables three different driving modes to help tailor your driving experience: Smart, Save, and Pure EV.  

With the LEVC TX, you can switch between modes to maximise efficiency, and avoid costly Low Emission Zones (LEZs) in many cities. You can also operate a greener fleet and save on fuel costs by utilizing your electric driving range. Learn more about how the TX could help electrify your fleet.

New Purpose Built taxis for sale at The Taxi Centre 

At The Taxi Centre, we sell a range of purpose-built taxi models to meet your needs and ensure you’re compliant with your local authority's requirements. The Taxi Centre exclusively sells purpose- built taxis in Scotland and the North East of England.  

Benefits of owning a new purpose built taxi

Owning a purpose-built taxi from The Taxi Centre could help your business in several ways, including: 

  • Giving you free access to Low Emission Zones (LEZ) 
  • Helping you save on fuel costs 
  • Government grants and incentives to help with the costs of ownership 
  • Makes your taxi service and experience better for customers 

New Purpose Built taxis on finance

Worried about the costs of a new purpose built taxi? When buying at The Taxi Centre, you don’t need to be. We offer flexible finance packages that can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

For standard taxis, we offer Hire Purchase (HP) finance, and for purpose-built taxis like the TX we offer Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). 

A finance deal is a great way for you to spread the costs of your new purpose built taxi, allowing you to pay in smaller monthly instalments. You can choose both the deposit and the length of term, and at the end of the agreement, you’ll have the option to either own the taxi or trade it in for another. 

For more information on financial support at The Taxi Centre, view our finance explained page.

Grants and incentives for new purpose built taxis 

To make the process of getting your new purpose-built taxi even easier, you could be eligible for government grants and incentives. These include: 

  • The Plug-in Taxi (PiTG) Grant 
  • The EV Chargepoint Grant 
  • The On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme (ORCS)
  • Switched on Taxis Loan (Scotland) 
  • Used Electric Vehicle Loan (Scotland) 
  • Domestic Chargepoint Funding Scheme (Scotland) 

Learn more about the financial support available through these schemes on our grants and incentives page.