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Ready to lower your running costs, save on congestion charges and improve your customer experience? We have a wide range of new electric taxis ready for you to explore. Give you and your passengers a smoother ride with top models like the electric Kia Niro, MG5, LEVC TX, and more.  

With lots of grants and incentives available for taxi drivers, making the switch to electric has never been easier. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy lower maintenance costs and have access to over 48,000 public charging points nationwide. What are you waiting for? 

New electric taxis at The Taxi Centre 

Ready to make the switch to electric motoring? We’ve got you covered. At The Taxi Centre, we offer a wide range of new electric taxi types from top manufacturers, so you can choose the perfect electric taxi for you and go green! Enjoy zero emissions, zero road tax, and a smoother driving experience with an electric taxi.  

Choose from the electric Kia Niro, MG5 EV, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Volkswagen ID.3, Skoda Enyaq or the LEVC TX, and wave goodbye to Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and Clearn Air Zone (CAZ) charges. 

Benefits of a new electric taxi 

As a taxi driver, owning a new electric taxi could bring you several benefits including: 

  • Savings on fuel 
  • Zero road tax 
  • Free parking in many areas 
  • Exemption from congestion charges 
  • A smoother driving experience 
  • A sustainable business image 
  • Fast, easy charging at home, work or on-the-go 

New electric taxis on finance

Worried about the costs for a new electric taxi? At The Taxi Centre, we offer some flexible finance options to help break down the costs. These include Hire Purchase (HP) on all our standard taxis, and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) for the LEVC TX.  

You can choose the deposit and length of the term, then all you’ll need to do is pay fixed monthly instalments until the end of the agreement. It’s that simple! 

Grants and incentives for electric taxis 

At The Taxi Centre, we help you get more for your money. That’s why we like to keep you up to date on all the latest government grants and incentives available to help you buy your next taxi. Looking for a new electric taxi? You could be eligible for a whole host of grants related to purchasing the vehicle or the installation of a home chargepoint. This makes the process of going electric easier and cheaper!  

Charging electric taxis 

What about charging an electric taxi? Whether you choose to charge at home or on the go, you’ll be  set when it comes to charging. Home charging can be done using a 7kW wall-mounted charging box or using a standard three-pin socket. 

On the go, you’ll have access to over 48,000 charging points nationwide with lots of rapid speed chargers, helping you top up your battery’s charge from 0-80% in as quick as 30 minutes.  

Why buy an electric taxi from The Taxi Centre? 

When you buy an electric taxi from The Taxi Centre, you’ll receive a range of benefits including: 

  • A nationwide stock of vehicles to choose from 
  • Free delivery available anywhere in the UK mainland  
  • Flexible finance options to suit your budget 
  • VAT, registration and 12 months road tax included 

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Electric taxi FAQs

How much is a brand new electric taxi?

The price for a new electric taxi varies depending on make and model. At The Taxi Centre, we bring you a nationwide stock of the latest vehicles at competitive prices. Explore our electric taxis including the Kia Niro, MG5 EV, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Volkswagen ID.3, Skoda Enyaq, LEVC TX and more. 

Who makes the new electric taxi? 

There are numerous manufacturers producing suitable electric vehicles which can be used as taxis, including Kia, MG, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Skoda.