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Looking for something larger to transport groups of passengers? You might like to explore our new minibus taxis for sale. 

In this range, you’ll find a variety of spacious, practical models like the Ford Tourneo Custom and Renault Trafic minibuses. With flexible seating options, easy handling, and efficient performance, these are sure to make a great addition to your fleet. 

New minibuses at The Taxi Centre 

New minibuses are a great option for transporting groups of passengers, such as airport runs or friends heading on a night out. At The Taxi Centre, we sell a range of new minibus taxis to cater to your needs.  

These include the Renault Trafic and the Ford Tourneo Custom. Both models offers great fuel efficiency and ample boot space for transporting luggage. The Ford Tourneo Custom minibus is also available as an automatic, and features a quick-clear heated windscreen as standard.  

New minibuses on finance 

Looking to spread the cost of your new minibus taxi? At The Taxi Centre, we offer Hire Purchase (HP) finance packages on all our new minibus taxis. These can be flexibly tailored to suit your needs, allowing you to split the costs into fixed monthly instalments.  

If you’re unsure on which finance deal works best for you, get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to support you and your needs. 

Types of new minibus taxis available 

When it comes to new minibuses, there are some different types available. At The Taxi Centre, you’ll find the Renault Trafic and Ford Tourneo Custom with up to nine seats available. Not to mention multiple seating configurations! This brings you ultimate flexibility when it comes to carrying passengers and loading luggage.  

Why buy a new minibus taxi from The Taxi Centre? 

If you’re in the market for a new minibus taxi, you’ll love what we have to offer at The Taxi Centre. As well as offering competitive prices, we also offer flexible finance deals and free UK mainland delivery. But that’s not all. 

You’ll also get a range of added benefits when buying direct at The Taxi Centre. These include a full manufacturer warranty, expert advice and all the support you need from start to finish. After all, we’re not just here to help you find the perfect taxi, but to get you the best deal.  

New Minibus taxi FAQs 

Can I drive a new 12-seater minibus taxi with a car licence? 

Taxi drivers wanting to transport up to 16 passengers will need to apply for two additional licences: 

  • A minibus provisional entitlement, often referred to as a passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) licence 
  • A public service vehicle (PSV) operator licence

To apply for a PCV licence, you’ll need to order forms D2 and D4 from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). You’ll need to get a doctor to fill in the D4 form for you, which could be either a GP or a private firm for drivers’ medical exams. Depending on the licence category, you will receive different provisional entitlements.  

As for the PSV licence, there are four different types:  

  • Standard licence (national operations only) 
  • Standard licence (national and international operations) 
  • Restricted licence 
  • Special restricted licence

To learn more about applying for the PCV and PSV licences to drive a private hire minibus taxi, visit the Government’s website

Can I drive a new 14-seater minibus taxi on a car licence? 

Again, providing you meet certain criteria and hold the correct licences have a minibus permit, you will be able to drive a minibus taxi with up to 16 passengers provided. 

View more information on driving a minibus on the Government’s website. Here, you’ll be able to read about the rules for driving a minibus, and the additional licences you may need. 

What size minibus taxi can I drive without a D1? 

With a minibus permit, you can drive any vehicle with 9-16 passenger seats provided you are over 21 years old. You must also have both a minibus provisional entitlement and a public service vehicle operator licence.

What is the biggest minibus taxi you can drive on a normal licence? 

For private hire minibuses, you can drive a minibus with up to 16 passengers with a minibus permit. There are, however, other stipulations you may need to be aware of. These include additional licences for driving a commercial minibus, which you can read about on the Government’s website

How much does a minibus taxi licence cost? 

To get your commercial minibus licence, you will need to complete four tests. These are known as the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) tests. You can find a full list of these with prices on the Government’s website as well as a link for booking.  

Prices may vary slightly depending on when you take the tests, so you may wish to consider this when booking your tests to keep costs at a minimum. 

How do I get a D1 minibus licence? 

To get a D1 minibus licence, you’ll need to apply to the DVLA for a provisional entitlement licence and pass a medical test before taking the driving test. Read more information on driving a minibus on the Government’s website.