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Join The Future of Taxis - Go Electric with The Taxi Centre

The future is rarely certain, though one thing is clear- electric vehicles are here to stay, and it�s only a matter of time before the entire motoring industry is transformed - including taxis.

Thankfully, there are plenty of electric taxis to choose from. Manufacturers who�ve already made the switch include Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota and LEVC with more to follow.

The benefits of an electric or hybrid taxi:

  • A smoother driving experience
  • Lower road tax cost
  • Fast, easy charging at over 15,000 points, or from home
  • Reduced fuel bills
  • Free parking in many areas
  • A sustainable travel option for customers

Sound good?

Electric Vs Hybrid

What's the difference? Electric and hybrid vehicles are still relatively new to our roads, and there are still a few misconceptions about what the differences are between them. Here's a quick comparison:

Electric Vehicle

A fully electric taxi will consist of a battery-powered electric engine which will need to be recharged when the battery depletes. Though it is their only source of power, electric taxis actually have a high performance, scoring points for BHP, mileage, and the latest technology, as well as being completely environmentally friendly.

Hybrid Vehicle

Unlike electric taxis, hybrid taxis consist of both a battery pack and a petrol or diesel engine, giving you a taste of electric while retaining the familiarity of a traditional engine. This makes them a great choice if you don�t want to switch fully to electric and brings you the flexibility of electric driving without the need for charging. This is because hybrid taxis will use regenerative braking to store energy normally lost from decelerating and store this in the battery to help charge it on the go.

Elctric Vehicle

Since electric taxis are automatic, they are incredibly easy to drive. Without the fuss of changing gears, all you need to do is put your foot on the accelerator to go and lift off to stop. The engine will automatically respond to either speed up or slow down the vehicle, so you experience a much smoother drive than with normal petrol or diesel taxis.

Hybrid Vehicle

With hybrid taxis, you may have a choice between either manual or automatic transmission � your drive, your choice! This means your hybrid taxi will feel however you want it to feel, according to your driving preferences. If you are used to automatic then this makes a great choice, or if you prefer the familiarity of changing gears, a manual drive may make a better option.

Elctric Vehicle

If the thought of lower emissions, maintenance and running costs as well as a greener business image sounds good to you, then an electric taxi is definitely the one for you. Feel the benefit of a smoother drive for you and your passengers, along with several financial benefits such as lower running costs and zero road tax. A win for everyone!

Hybrid Vehicle

Hybrid taxis also bring you numerous benefits, including greater driving flexibility according to your needs. The perfect choice for those looking for a smooth transition to electric motoring, without the need for regular charging, and with a range of financial benefits to both you and your business, including reduced road tax, and saving on fuel.

Electric Vehicle

The only way to know for sure is to try one for yourself! Booking a test drive will allow you to experience an electric taxi and get a feel for how it could benefit you and your business. Now you have all the information you need, it�s time to put one to the test. Contact us now to book a test drive with us at The Taxi Centre.

Hybrid Vehicle

If you�ve never experienced a hybrid before, it can feel like a whole new world! That�s why we recommend booking a test drive to see if a hybrid is the right fit for you. Experience all the flexibility of a modern electric taxi with the reassurance of a petrol or diesel engine by booking a test drive with us now.

Electric and Hybrid Taxis - More Choice at The Taxi Centre

The Taxi Centre wants the best for you, your passengers and your business. It's what we do! We offer our customers unrivalled flexibility, industry-leading warranties and great financial deals. Why not make your next taxi electric (or hybrid)?

In Pursuit of zappiness

With over 30,000 charging points in the UK, and more popping up each year, charging your electric taxi has never been easier. View a live map of your local charging points by clicking the button below.

Open map

You can also charge a lot of electric and hybrid vehicles from home using a standard three-pin plug, or a home charging point. If you do decide to install a home charging point, you could be eligible for a grant from the Government to make it more affordable.


How much are electric taxis?

You won�t be surprised to hear that prices for electric taxis will vary, depending on which make and model you choose.

Though they can be a more expensive investment initially, buying an electric taxi could save you a lot of money in the long run. Think lower running costs, zero road tax and even government grants for new taxis.

We offer taxis from a range of manufacturers, including Ford, Nissan, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Toyota, MG, Kia, and now, LEVC. Explore electric and hybrid taxis here.

What brands of electric taxis are available?

When it comes to electric taxis, you�ll be spoiled for choice, as there are new models being introduced each day by different manufacturers. The future really is electric!

Why not explore our current range and find your perfect taxi?

The LEVC Range

We now offer a range of new, adaptive electric taxis from the LEVC. These are available with added mobility features to accommodate passengers with a wheelchair.

Exlore the LEVC range here.

Are electric taxis more expensive?

Though electric taxis can be a more expensive initial investment, you�ll gain from lower running costs in the future.

This is thanks to reasonably cheap (if not free) public charging , and a variety of home charging options to give you cheaper tariff rates.

You�ll also pay zero road tax, and if that wasn�t enough of an incentive, you could also be eligible for the government�s plug-in taxi grant (PiTG). Read more about the grant in �Can I get a grant to buy an electric taxi?�

In a nutshell, making the switch to an electric taxi is sure to have a great impact on your business, and making the switch could save you up to £2,800 a year in fuel costs, according to the LEVC.

How long does the battery last?

The average lifespan for an electric taxi battery is estimated to be from 8-10 years, which is actually similar to that of a traditional combustion engine vehicle (which equates to about 200,000 miles). The benefit of electric is that there are no harmful emissions released into the atmosphere.

Electric vehicles consist of a battery pack made with lithium-ion, which will understandably decrease over time. Most manufacturers will offer a warranty period for your vehicle�s battery, so you can rest assured you�re covered.

Are all electric vehicles automatic?

Yes - electric taxis are automatic.

This is because they use a single gear and there are no multiple gears required to control the taxi�s speed unlike a petrol or diesel engine.

To make things super simple, this same gear will also perform several functions including reverse, where all you need to do is select forward, reverse, neutral or park.

This makes for a simpler, smoother drive for you and your passengers without the hassle of changing gears while in traffic.

How do electric taxis work?

Electric taxis work based on a battery pack that is recharged using an electric power source- just like your phone or tablet!

With an EV, these batteries power an electric motor which helps power your vehicle�s wheels and get you moving.

When driving an EV, you might notice a much lighter feeling with a more instant response, as they accelerate faster than traditional combustion engines.

How long will it take to charge your electric taxi?

As with anything powered by a battery, at some point it will need recharging. Thankfully, charging an electric vehicle is fuss-free and it should only need to be topped up in between longer journeys to keep things rolling.

Charging times will vary depending on the size of your vehicle�s battery and the charging source you use. You can use a standard three-pin plug, a mounted socket, or a tethered charger, and depending on the capacity of the charger:

  • Slow chargers (3kW) = between 8 and 10 hours
  • Fast chargers (7kW-22kW) = between 3 and 4 hours
  • Rapid chargers (43kW+) = between 30 and 60 minutes (note these are only usable with compatible EVs).

Source: EDF Energy

How far can you go in an electric taxi?

Most electric vehicles can travel an average of over 200 miles on a single charge, though it�s recommended that you top up your vehicle charge regularly to enhance its longevity.

Higher-end EVs with a more expensive price however can offer a range of over 400 miles, so the range is constantly improving thanks to advanced technology.

With future developments and improvements to public charging, whatever the range of your EV you needn�t worry, as there will be plenty of charging points for you to access during your workday.

What is the best electric taxi?

A tough one to answer, because there are so many great options out there with more being added each day! For this we encourage you to find out for yourself and explore our current electric vehicle range. Find the perfect taxi that works for you and your business.

Are electric taxis better for the environment?

Perhaps their biggest selling point, electric taxis are indeed better for the environment. With electric taxis, there are no harmful emissions to the environment as with traditional internal combustion engines (ICE), so they will have a big impact on our ability to reduce CO2 emissions.

The growth of the UK electric vehicle market means that motorists will reduce their emissions. Expanding this growth across the industry will allow the nation to work towards a goal of net-zero, for greener motoring everywhere.

Are electric taxi charging stations free?

Some electric taxi charging stations are free to use, though not all. It�s best to check this before your visit so you�re prepared. Leading charging service Zap Map estimates that out of around 35,000 charging points on their tracker, only 5,430 of these are free to use. *

If you do end up using a charging point which isn�t free, prices are usually reasonable - especially when compared to the cost of filling up a petrol or diesel engine!

*As of June 2022
Source: Zap Map

Are electric taxis exempt from road tax?

Since they produce zero emissions unlike a standard petrol or diesel engine, electric taxis are exempt from road tax. This is because the electricity will come from either an external power source or storage not connected to any source of power while the vehicle is moving.

However, according to government guidelines you must still register your vehicle for tax even if you are exempt. Failure to do so can lead to a fine.

Can you charge an electric taxi at home?

Another great thing about having an electric taxi is that you can charge it from the comfort of your own home! To do this you�ll need off-street parking (e.g., a driveway or garage), an electric charger installed, and the correct cables to connect it to your vehicle.

All you need to do is have the charger installed in the appropriate charging location and plug it in to your vehicle! Home charging is generally slower than public charging, though it�s great for topping your taxi up overnight so you�re all set for the next day.

Can I get a grant to buy an electric taxi?

Yes- you can!

The UK government are currently running the plug-in taxi grant (PiTG) offering a maximum discount of up to £7,500 off the cost of new, purpose-built taxis, depending on the range, emissions, and design of your vehicle.

Exclusively for taxi drivers, this grant could help you save money on the purchase of a new taxi for your business, meaning there�s never been a better time to make the switch.

This way, you can offer a more sustainable service to your customers for less! Ready to find your new electric taxi? Explore our range now.

Still an Electric Sceptic?

Come and test drive one for yourself - we think you'll be surprised!


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