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  • 06/03/2018

    Renault Showcases New Autonomous Robotaxi


    We all know the latest trend at the fore of car design: getting behind the wheel without a wheel, and putting a sophisticated artificial intelligence as the driver instead.  

    Many of the biggest names in the industry have already entered the driverless marketplace, and the field’s latest entrant is Renault with their high-spec concept car, the EZ-Go, which combines shades of Minority Report with the highest-end autonomous available to fashion a fully futuristic car.

    The GO will be a six-seater which functions like a private hire taxi mixed with a public bus. Long gone are the steering wheel, dashboard and myriad controls we associate with cars today. Instead, the GO boasts an unusual U-shaped seating arrangement, a large glass roof that can be lowered and raised, and a completely electric powertrain capable of charging through wireless induction, which could take place while passengers wait at specific roadside stations or even as cars are on the move – convenient!

    ‘The world’s cities are growing but our transport infrastructure is lagging further and further behind’, said Christian Ledoux, boss of mobility services at the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. He added that the concept ‘previews [Renault’s] take on shared mobility for the future with a design that goes against the norm and takes heavy inspiration from modern architecture rather than conventional cars’.

    Meanwhile, Renault’s head of design Laurens van den Acker said ‘We set out to create a larger robotaxi that is as iconic as the black and yellow taxis but one that’s a more modern, elegant expression of transport. If I want you to jump in a Renault EZ-Go instead of a rival’s alternative, I have to attract you with its design, so that’s what you see here – our vision for future mobility’.

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