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  • 22/08/2018

    A Guide to the Most Economical Taxis of 2018

    According to UK government findings, the UK public is driving less and less each year. The 2017 National Travel Survey found that, on average, Brits take 594 car trips per year, whilst covering 5,104 miles, which are both 12% down on the same statistics from 2002.

    By contrast, however, the opposite is true for the UK taxi industry. There are more drivers working today than ever before – 350,000, to be exact. 23% of them work seven days a week, clocking tens of thousands of miles per year in the process.

    When you’re driving all that way, something that has a major impact on your total earnings is your vehicle’s fuel economy. It might sound complicated, but fuel economy is simply how much fuel your vehicle needs to consume to drive a mile. With a high fuel economy, you’ll get more bang for your buck, using less fuel and reducing your environmental impact on the way!

    In this article, we round up four of the most fuel economical cars on the market today, to help you buy the car that’s perfect for your needs. Who knows – your next choice of model may well be on our list!


    CO2 (g/km): 108

    MPG: 68.9

    Seat made a big impression when they announced the third-generation Seat Leon back in 2012. Last year, the car received a face-lift and a series of styling additions, and it’s as popular with drivers today as ever before. 

    For taxi drivers, the Leon is a cool choice of car that’s robust, stylish, and sophisticated. A host of infotainment options, controls and assists give drivers everything they need to take charge of the road and truly make the vehicle their own. Meanwhile, solid handling combines with precise steering to create an agile yet sturdy driving experience. Being capable of almost 69 miles per gallon, the Leon packs great fuel economy under its bonnet, which makes it a super selection for any private hire driver!

    Find more information about the range of Seat Leon models available on The Taxi Centre.


    CO2 (g/km): 78

    MPG: 83.1mpg

    Since first taking to the road in 1997, Toyota has built the Prius into one of the most formidable hybrid cars in the market. Now in its fourth generation, it remains as strong a choice as ever for any driver keen to cut back costs in style.

    There're many reasons why the Prius is so popular with hire car drivers. Most notable of all is its hybrid engine, which alternates between using petrol and electric power, depending on the context. For coasting and gentle drives, electric’s preferred. Petrol’s used only when an extra kick is needed, like when accelerating. As fuel’s used much more sparingly, fuel economy becomes superb. Add in the vehicle's sophisticated interior cabin and luxuries, and you’ve got the perfect taxi experience for drivers and passengers alike!

    Read more about the Toyota Prius models available from The Taxi Centre, including the Toyota Prius hatchback, the Toyota Prius Business Edition, and the Toyota Prius Excel.


    CO2 (g/km): 94

    MPG: 78.5

    Few vehicle manufacturers in the world have a more established vintage than Ford, and over the past twenty years, the Mondeo has grown into an iconic part of the manufacturer’s portfolio. With the fourth-generation model, Ford has revitalised the Mondeo both outside and in, and it’s never been a better pick for private hire operators than now.

    In the newest Mondeo model, Ford combines cutting-edge design with all the latest in-car comforts to create the perfect hire car experience. The model’s built around an architecture which is brand new to Ford vehicles, but has featured previously in cars by Land Rover and Volvo. It’s robust yet light, thanks to high-strength, light-weight steel. To make the most of the vehicle’s structural lightness, Ford added accessories from massage seats, to infotainment, to all the assists the modern driver appreciates, such as lane-keeping and parking. For a classic car with a new twist and great fuel economy, look no further than the newest Mondeo.

    Find more information on The Taxi Centre's range of Ford Mondeo options.


    CO2 (g/km): n/a

    MPG: n/a

    The Nissan LEAF is the world’s leading electric vehicle and through its success, Nissan has turned EVs from a science fiction possibility into an incredibly economical and practical reality.

    Several factors make the LEAF the perfect choice for your cab. First things first, its powerful electric engine makes driving more cost-effective than ever before. The Nissan Insider – Nissan’s internal magazine – gives the example of a Spanish driver who bought 47,000 miles worth of electric power for just £1,540, saving £7,000 over the equivalent price of diesel. On top of that, its nimble handling makes it perfectly adjusted for the constant stop-and-start rhythm of inner-city driving. With all-around finesse and a super-silent engine, the LEAF is one of the most relaxing and cost-effective cars to ever grace the road, offering superb value-for-money and peace of mind to everyone who drives it.

    Explore The Taxi Centre's market-leading range of Nissan Leaf choices.

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