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  • 22/05/2015

    A Guide to the Most Economical Taxis

    You are viewing an archived post from 2015. For an updated guide to the most economical taxis of 2018, please see our updated post.

    For over a decade, the annual mileage of the average British driver has been dropping steadily year on year, due to factors like rising fuel costs, changes in shopping habits, and increased congestion. The most recent 2013 survey showed an average mileage of just 7900 miles per vehicle, a 1200 miles reduction from 11 years previous.

    However, it's perhaps safe to say that the taxi driver isn't exactly the "average British driver'. In fact, whereas mileage for the general population dropped, surveys show that a vast majority of taxi drivers cover over 10,000 miles in a working year, with over a quarter exceeding the 30,000 miles mark.

    When your car is your livelihood, a focus of fuel economy should be key, whether you're concerned with saving money, the environment, or simply want to minimise trips to the petrol station. To help you choose the car that's right for you, we've put together a guide to some of the most economical taxis on the market.

    SEAT Toledo 1.6 TDi Ecomotive Diesel

    Seat Toledo Taxi

    CO2 (g/km): 104

    MPG: 72.4

    Road Tax: £20

    Proving that fuel economy doesn't have to mean loss of power is the SEAT Toledo, a medium sized 5 door with a lot to offer. Whilst the Toledo may look like a compact saloon, it's actually a roomy hatchback, crated and marketed as a competitor to the Ford Focus. However, don't let this lull you into thinking that the Toledo skimps on luggage space, as the car comes with a 500 litre boot, more than enough for suitcases, shopping, or whatever your passengers might be carrying.

    However, it's the Ecomotive engine that really makes the Toledo a stand out taxi choice. With the 1.6 litre diesel model, the Toledo averages around 104g/km, putting at the lower end of the emissions spectrum and meaning you'll only need to pay £20 annual road tax. Versatile, functional, and economical, the SEAT Toledo has everything you could need from a taxi.

    Find more information on the car here.

    Citroen Berlingo Multispace Diesel

    Citroen Berlingo Multispace Taxi

    CO2 (g/km): 115

    MPG: 64.2

    Road Tax: £30

    Coming with 5 seats and spacious legroom as standard, the Berlingo has an advantage in its large storage capacity, with a 675 litre boot capacity. With a fold of the rear two seats, you'll increase this to a 3000 litre space, easily allowing for passenger luggage. Don't think that the Berlingo's bulky looks bode for an awkward driving experience either, as this Citroen offering has a surprising agility, tackling city driving with ease.

    If you're thinking that the Berlingo must be a bit of a gas guzzler with all of this space, you'd be wrong. Boasting a CO2 rating of just 115g/km, the Berlingo lies at the lower end of the emissions spectrum, meaning you'll only have to pay £30 annual road tax. Plus, with 64.2 MPG, if you're looking for a big taxi that's cheap to run, you might find your answer in this Citroen.

    Find more information on the car here.

    Ford Mondeo Style 1.6 Diesel

    Ford Mondeo Style Taxi

    CO2 (g/km): 94

    MPG: 78.5

    Road Tax: £0

    Ford's reliability, affordability and "blank slate" nature has always meant that their vehicles have transferred well to the private hire and fleet car market. With the Ford Mondeo Style 1.6, you'll find all the same features we've grown to expect from the Mondeo, alongside a refined focus on styling and of course, fuel economy. Coming with 5 doors, a streamlined almost Germanic exterior, and comfortable interior, Ford have shown that the Mondeo can bring a little luxury at affordable prices.

    Of course, what really makes the Mondeo Style 1.6 Diesel a stand out option for a taxi is its fuel economy. With the Mondeo's Econetic engine producing emissions of just 94g/km, you'll pay £0 road tax saving you money from the off. You'll need to refuel less frequently too, as the Ford Mondeo Style 1.6 diesel has an MPG of 78.5.

    Find more information on the car here.

    Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 Ecoflex Diesel

    Vauxhall Insignia Taxi

    CO2 (g/km): 94

    MPG: 76.3

    Road Tax: £0

    The insignia has been one of the most popular taxi and company car choices of recent years, and it's not hard to see why. Combining affordability and drivability with crowd pleasing styling, the Insignia is a car built to be on its feet (or wheels) all day.

    The Insignia comes with all the standard features of a larger hatchback, Vauxhall have also packed in a few extra perks that seem built specifically with the taxi driver in mind. One of these is stop/start technology, helping to save fuel depending on how you're using the car. Alongside Vauxhall's Ecoflex diesel engine, the Insignia only puts out 94g/km of Co2 emissions, meaning that you'll pay £0 road tax. Alongside 140 BPH and 76.3 MPG, this is a taxi that manages to combine fuel economy with admirable power.

    Find more information on the car here.

    All of the taxis listed above are available from The Taxi Centre, plus many more, so if you'd like any further information on any of these vehicles just get in touch. We'd also be happy to tell you about any other vehicles we have in stock, and even give you some advice on how to drive your taxi economically. We hope this guide has given you a good insight into just some of the many fuel economical taxis available.







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