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  • 25/02/2019

    Why is Volkswagen’s Caddy Maxi Life one of the nation’s favourite taxis?

    For drivers on the roads today, Volkswagen’s calibre as an automotive leader needs little introduction. The Volkswagen group sold more cars than any other competitor in both 2016 and 2017, thanks to the enormous profits they drive (quite literally), they’re listed in the top ten international companies.

    It’s just as true for UK taxi drivers, for whom Volkswagen’s vehicles have been a popular pick for many years. It’s largely down to how each model is designed with such meticulous quality throughout the vehicle, with the best of engineering and design always on offer.

    In the following blog post, read on as The Taxi Centre team takes a particularly close look at one of our favourite Volkswagen cars, the Caddy Maxi Life, showcasing why it’s a brilliant selection for any driver considering to upgrade their vehicle today. 

    Robustly stylish

    First things first – with the Caddy Maxi Life, Volkswagen’s designers struck the perfect balance in creating a vehicle that’s as authoritative as it is easy on the eye. Its wide front grille, high roof and obvious spaciousness are complemented by small touches like flowing curves from the bonnet to the windscreen, and sculpted lines alongside the chassis, giving the vehicle charisma and flair. It’s uncommon that pragmatism and style are matched so well, meaning that while this is by no means a pretentious vehicle, it offers the same extent of personality as many other options from which drivers today could choose.

    Roominess that’s hard to beat

    Few models can improve upon the practicality that the Caddy Maxi Life has on offer, and this is because it’s one of the most spacious vehicles available today. It’s a highly comfortable seven-seater, with enough room for all seven passengers to bring considerable luggage with them, and extensive headroom and legroom. Meanwhile, loading and unloading couldn’t be easier, thanks to the five-doored set up, including dual sliding doors at the back. Should you ever need more storage still, individual seats can be folded and tucked away with ease, making the vehicle’s already best-in-class storage capacity even greater.

    Interior luxury

    Though designing a highly pragmatic car was clearly important to Volkswagen’s engineers, they spared no attention to detail at all in the vehicle’s stylish interior. The materials featured are as high-end and plush as you’d expect from a Volkswagen car, which also applies to the driving experience, with a dashboard and interface that’s similar to any regular Volkswagen car in its high quality. On top of this, the model features an exceptional sound system with six speakers throughout the carriage, keeping spirits at a high, with a range of upgrade options available should drivers seek to upgrade infotainment even more. Lastly, it’s a quiet and relaxing vehicle to drive, with VW’s engineering keeping wind and road noise at a minimum.

    Exceptional handling

    It’s understandable that drivers could worry that a big car might be more difficult to handle – particularly if you’re more at home in a smaller alternative. However, with the Caddy Maxi Life, Volkswagen’s designers have ensured that the difference is barely noticeable. Steering is quality and highly responsive, making the drive feel nimble, and the car’s able to pick up impressive speeds for its size.

    Ultimately, you’re getting the best of both worlds: an exceptionally roomy vehicle, with interior comforts and an elegant design, and all the agility of a much smaller car.

    Interested in our range of VW Caddy Maxi Life models? Give us a call, or use our online form to make an enquiry today!

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