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  • 05/01/2017

    Taxi Sharing Could Reduce Congestion

    Taxi Sharing Could Reduce Congestion

    Taxi Sharing Could Reduce Congestion


    The issue of congestion is a big concern for drivers in UK cities, with charges, increased investment in public transport, and even self-driving vehicles offered up by authorities as an attempt to fix the problem.

    However, a new study has shown that a real solution may be much simpler. Recent tests by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found that increasing ridesharing in taxis has the potential to significantly decrease the amount of traffic on roads, and could even put an end to traffic jams.  The study found that a fleet of 3000 four passenger cabs worked more efficiently than a fleet of 13,000 2 passenger cabs, the standard size in New York City.

    A spokesperson for MIT suggested that if drivers adopt a model of transporting two to four people - each on individual journeys -  at a time, fares could be completed with fewer trips, in less time, for the same cost. MIT also state that whilst reducing traffic and air pollution, this system would also allow drivers to work shorter shifts, meet increased demands more efficiently, and create less stressful commutes for passengers.

    However, passengers would need to become comfortable with the idea of receiving lifts with strangers, and not always heading straight to their destination once picked up. It’s also likely that new technology would need to be created for drivers in order to ensure passengers are picked up efficiently. 

    Although relatively new to the UK, ride sharing services have grown in popularity over the past few years, with apps like Uber, Lyft, and Karhoo leading the way. 


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