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    Taxi Centre’s Nissan Leafs Take to the Roads of Kirkcaldy

    Taxi Centre’s Nissan Leafs Take to the Roads of Kirkcaldy

    Taxi Centre’s Nissan Leafs Take to the Roads of Kirkcaldy

    With electric and hybrid options now being offered by many of the world’s leading automobile companies, the buzz of electric vehicles is being felt across the world.

    A range of features are enjoyed by electric cars that make them ideally suited for taxi use: they’re more cost-effective over longer distances, quieter when driving in populated areas and much less impactful on the environment. In light of this, The Taxi Centre was delighted to supply Kirkcaldy-based operators Taxi Central with five models of the Nissan Leaf, Nissan’s market-leading electric vehicle.

    “We are a 24-hour business and conscious of our environmental foot-print,” Mike Brown, the owner of Taxi Central, said. “EVs are cheaper to run in the long-term and have a lower maintenance cost, particularly since our taxis travel over 1,000 miles a week.”

    For the vehicles to be charged, Transport Scotland and the Energy Saving Trust have combined to equip Kirkcaldy with two 7kW wall ports and a rapid charging station, which can allow the Leaf to reach 80% battery in just thirty minutes!

    Increasing the volume of electric cars on the roads, helping to reduce emissions and making drivers’ journeys more cost-effective are all things in which we’re delighted to play a part.

    If you’re interested in making the switch to electric, why not check out our range of Nissan Leaf vehicles, including the Nissan Leaf Acenta, here:

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