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Volkswagen Caddy Life 2.0 TDI 5dr Diesel Estate

Metallic - Reflex silver

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Model overview




52.3 - 55.4 mpg

Boot capacity:

530 litres

"What does the Taxi Centre think of the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life?"

With the Caddy Maxi Life, Volkswagen has designed a market-leading choice for taxi drivers, combining all the versatility a people carrier can offer, with the premium design, flair and exceptional economy that Volkswagen cars are famous for.

To begin with, the Caddy Maxi Life takes 'maxi' very seriously: few cars can match its extensive interior spaciousness. Even when carrying all seven passengers, there's plenty of room for luggage or any items passengers might be bringing with them. Whether you're taking a family to the airport or simply a couple of people into town, this is a car that's ready for every scenario. What's more, loading and unloading has never been easier, thanks to the efficiency of its incredibly low loading height.

While this is an expansive vehicle, it's also a seriously comfortable one. Plush and premium materials are in use throughout the carriage, while technology like climate control and all the latest infotainment keep spirits high on the road!